Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fair Time

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 I LOVE the fair!!  I know some people complain about it and just really hate having to take their kids but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!  I love everything about it from the "carnies" to the food!!  I love eating everything that I know is HORRIBLE for me but TASTES SOOOOOOOO GOOD!  I LIVE to eat there!!  I love corn dogs, cotton candy, nachos, caramel apples, and then top it off with an ice cold lemonade!!

THEN there are the rides!!  Now I can not say that I am as enthusiastic about them as I used to be but it is LOADS of fun to watch Nathaniel nearly poop his pants everytime he gets on one!!   MC is our little DARE DEVIL!  She road the Tower of Terror at Disney at the age of 4!  Nathaniel is an entirely different child!!  He is a Momma's baby and doesn't like anything that is out of his comfort zone!!  MC RUNS as fast as she can to get on the scariest ride and Nathaniel is holding my hand screaming " I don't want too" but sissy wins and he walks up and gets on like a trooper!!  He then starts off in an upright position and 10 seconds into the ride he is laying down with his head in his sister's lap!!!!!  Now I know some of you are thinking..."Why are you torturing him like that??"  Well, here is the funny soon as the ride is over he POPS UP grinning and runs out saying "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!" LOL
I have NO IDEA where he gets that statement!!  ;)
So if you get a chance, run your kids out to your local fair!!  It's a lot of fun and this age doesn't last very long!!! 


But what and AWESOME SISSY!!!!

And he is MISSING AGAIN!!!  ;)


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