Monday, June 4, 2012

Summertime Gifts!!!

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Lots of parties coming this summer!  Here are a few things I have given already!!  

Target has these really fun, bright water shooters for $2.50!  Add a tag and cute bow...awesomeness!!

I also wrapped some gift cards with burlap and added a cute flower!!!  Cheap but 

Also, found a bunch of $1 items at Target and filled little boxes (also a $1) and stuffed with tissue paper!!!  ;)

CUTE but CHEAP!!!!  ;)


  1. Fun, cute and cheap!! The best way to go!!! :) Hope you are feeling better! Been thinking about you!

  2. I need to get those bright water shooters for my nephew! Looks like a Target trip is in my near future! Cause, you know... I need a reason to go to Target.


  3. you are so creative! those are all super fun!

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