Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toot Your OWN Horn Thursday!!

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Toot Your OWN Horn Thursday is FUN, FUN, FUN today!!  You will get to me a person I am LUCKY to have met and get to know through our blogs!!  Jennifer is from CANADA and moved to God's Country.....TEXAS!!!!!!!  She moved for the man of her dreams!!!  ;)  Be sure to hop over and check out her AWESOME blog and shop!!!

Here she is.......

Howdy! I’m Jennifer, the creative mind behind my blog, Finding My Way in Texas, and my shop, LoneStar Lovlies! I’m thrilled to be hanging out today on Randee’s blog.You know how in life there are just some people you instantly click with when you meet them? Well I’ve recently gotten to know Randee and she is definitely one of those people for me! I have to say she is one of the sweetest, nicest and most supportive people I’ve met in the blogging world!
Anyhoo… on to “tooting my horn” :)
Over on Finding My Way in Texas, you can read about my new life in Texas, crazy crafting adventures, some DIY projects, the odd recipe and if you’re really lucky, I’ll post some of my photography ;)

Some of my favorite posts are…(click on the picture to go to the original post)
A Lovely Little Ruffle Clutch
more randomness 064-1
A Wool Eater Baby Blanket
bread . afghan 017
The Easiest, Yummiest Bread I’ve EVER Made!
wreath 2 002-1
My Version of a Burlap Wreath

Every Friday I co-host Pin-ed it, Made it! It’s a link party with 2 categories! The first is for all pinterest inspired projects and the second for everything else! I hope you’ll drop by and join in the fun!
I’m always looking for new bloggy friends and if you’re interested in guest posting, having a giveaway or swapping buttons I’d love to hear from you!
Thanks for having me Randee! Its been fun getting to share some of my favorite posts!


  1. That ruffle clutch is really cute. Great post, thanks!!

  2. It's fun to get to know Jennifer better! I will have to try that bread..I am a total carbivore.

  3. I found your blog through a series of other blogs LOL And I'm sure glad I kept clicking links! Love what you have here. I'm a new linky follower.


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