Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Loo Loo Turns 8

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OMG....I forgot to post about Loo Loo's birthday party!!  Everyone knows how important our animals are to our family and our pets always get a birthday party!!  So here are the pics of her special day!!

I am pretty sure that she is sticking her tongue out at US!!!  ;)

Remember that animals give UNCONDITIONAL love!!  All they ask for is a little attention....so stop and talk to them when you pass them!!  They never judge you, even when you have bad breath!!  ;)


  1. that is toooo cute! I seriously consider both of our dogs to be my children.. LOL how cute of you to throw a little party honor of them!!! I might have to do this. Our oldest dog will be 6 in July!

    1. Laurie....It is a lot of fun!! Here is Miley's last party!!

  2. that is too cute! my girls would LOVE this! I'll definitely poach this plan for our dogs 1st birthday with our family :)


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