Thursday, April 19, 2012


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I am hosting a Spring Group Giveaway called
I have 11 bloggers signed up and a few back out SOOOOOO
if you are interested PLEASE email me at 

It will be a different blog every day for 14 days! Each day the blog for that day will have a giveaway! All of the other bloggers participating will also post the same giveaway! That way all 14 of us will be sharing a giveaway for 14 days!! Does this make sense??


  1. What will the give way be. Do we eash have 14 diffent give a ways Or do we post on our blogs the give a way of that days bog.

    1. Michelle!!....HI!!!! I would LOVE for you to join the fun!! ;)

      Here is how it will work!!! Next week I will send out the schedule of waht days everyone is responsible for their giveaway! I will also need for you to send me a brief description with pic's of what you are giving away!!

      You can give away ANYTHING!!! lol!! It is a refelction of your blog so I am leaving that decision up to each blogger!! ;)


      PLEASE let me know ASAP if you are interested!!!

  2. I have to think about, what to give a way. Can I be last on the list. I have to leave to go to my mother-in-law. She is in the hospital. The doctor informed us she can no longer live alone. I will be gone for a week and 1/2. please let me know if it's ok. Thanks

    1. Michelle...I can put you at the end!!

      Send me an email

  3. Sounds like fun and if you still need a participant, count me in. I'll go to the studio and make earrings...if that's okay...? Just let me know.
    Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm

  4. I am SUPER DUPER excited about this!! I was lost about what I would do and what I was going to give away, but I have met an awesome local artiste and entrepeneur. I can't wait for ev eryone to meet her too and catch a peek at her 'biggest project EVER'!!! She'll be providing the giveaway that day so stay tuned y'all!!!

    Jen @


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