Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

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It has been a GREAT week celebrating Dr Seuss!!  He is a favorite around our house and we are headed to see The Lorax tonight....I CAN'T wait!!  ;)

They have had a blast at school this week!  I decided that we needed pictures to remember this fun week!  This is what I came up with and took pics of all of the kids with Ms. Latham!


My sweet THING 1!!

He is soooo wittle!!!

Then I made these cupcakes but the cotton candy did not turn out quite like I wanted!!  ;)

When I walked through the school with my big cardboard painting...they said "OHHHHHH, you are THAT parent!!!"  and I proudly said "YES, YES I AM!!!"

MC was super excited and so were all of the kids!!  I can not wait to get them all cropped and printed out for the kids to take home!!  ;)


  1. Adorable! :) What great memories to have!
    Hope you come link that up! :)

  2. adorable, love the cupcakes! let me know what you think about the movie, we're going to see it Monday!


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