Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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I have a LOVE for chalkboards!! I love old ones and new ones!! I just think that they are the BOMB!! ;)

MC started "real" school this year and Nathaniel started preschool! I was already a "nervous wreck" and having a mental breakdown over BOTH of my babies being gone (now keep in mind that Nathaniel is only gone 3 hours, twice a week!:))
But THAT'S neither here nor there!!!! I REALLY lost it when they both started coming home with all of these papers AND due dates AND schedules!! For everyone that REALLY KNOWS me, you know that I do not remember anything on my own!! That's what I have Todd and my closest friends for!! ;) I have Todd tell me what to do everyday and Traci to tell me where I need to be and at what time, I have Kerin to keep up with any important paper work, Michelle to keep me organized and PING to just keep me SANE!! Saying all of this is leading to the point that the 1st few weeks of school my kids MISSED a lot of "things." I decided that I needed a GIANT chalkboard to "organize" myself and my kids schedules!! So I started looking and decided one Saturday that I was going to make a chalkboard THAT imagine the look on Todd's face!!! So we went and got everything and let me tell you, it was SUPER DUPER EASY!!!!

We bought a 4x8 piece of Masonite!

I measured my wall and decided that I wanted the chalkboard to be 3x6 so we cut the board to 3x6! I wanted a decorative edge to the corners so I measured equal inches from both corners, made a mark and placed a bowl down to make my curve! The bowl has to touch both marks that you make when you measure! Cut out the curves on all 4 corners!

I painted the smooth side of the Masonite with 3 coats of chalkboard paint!!

VOILA!!!!!! A perfect Chalkboard!! AND I AM ORGANIZED!!!! ;)

Please don't mind all of the smudges!! I write and erase all day, every day!! ;)

I made this door the same weekend!! It was a door from our church (100 years old) and I needed a place for the kids to hang their backpacks! We sanded it down for a rustic look and I painted the panels chalkboard so the kids could have somewhere to write and draw! Added a bar with hooks and VOILA! again!! ;0



  1. ahhhh.. LOVE it! I'm obsessed with chalkboards. I wanted the chalkboard doors they have at lowes for my pantry and hubs was like "um, no.." haha so it looks like a DIY project will be in the works! Thanks for the great pix and tutorial. Hope the workout is going well.. *xo*

  2. super cute! I love chalkboards! my first to do once we move is make one for the big one's room so she can practice her letters.

  3. Owh I love it! You gave me the idea to get organize. Thank you so much!!


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