Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alice In Wonderland!

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At the beginning of the summer I teamed up with a friend of mine who is an AWESOME photographer! Her name is Dianna Baker and you can look her up at

We had a GREAT idea to do a photo shoot around the Alice in Wonderland theme! I was super excited and worked really hard to acheive the great setting that made these pictures SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!! ;)

Please feel free to comment!!

The Mad Hatter outfit was made by my great friend Cami Branch!!! She is an awesome seamstress!

I just LOVE Dianna and her photography!!!  We had a blast!!!  ;)


  1. These pictures are the reason we connected on FB. I saw them on your Mom's wall I think. They are just amazing...I wanted to print and hang some of them even though they aren't my kiddos!!!! HA

    1. Sheri...THANK you!! I have a LARGE one of MC in a metallic paper framed that is AWESOME!!!!! ;)

  2. These are amazing! I stumbled on your site via Plumberry Pie and am now following!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. OMG! That is AMAZING!! What a creative theme... and how artfully done and I REALLY love the orange petticoats/tutu type skirt:) I am In love... and what GORGEOUS models!!!

  4. those are amazing!! I love love love them all!

  5. Super cute! Love, love the hat!!! Thank you for sharing.


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